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User Guide

With this User Guide, we will give you a tour of all Citibank Online functions.
Simply select one of the available choices and become familiarised with all the Citibank Online benefits.

Requirements for Use

Connecting with Citibank Online

Account Information

Money Transfers & Payments
Instructions for the new services

Change of Personal Identification Number Code (PIN)

Ordering Checkbooks

Cost of Services Offered



Requirements for Use

In order to use Citibank Online, you need:

  • A Citibank bank account
  • Your Citibank Card and the four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • A computer* with a connection to the internet
  • A browser with 128 bit cipher


Operation system: Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh, minimum screen resolution 800 x 600 (maximum 1024 x 768), minimum memory 128MB, available hard drive space 20MB.



Connecting with Citibank Online

First Time

Before proceeding to make any bank transactions through Internet, you must follow a process (for one time only),
which will make your access much easier in the future. Requisites are that you must fill out a Citibank Online application
and Citibank will activate your connection.

  1. At the home page ‘click’ on the Greek or English Citibank Online connection.
  2. You will be prompted to the Citibank Online link.
  3. Select New User and press Continue.
  4. Type your 16 digit Citibank Card number (without spaces). For your convenience so that you don’t have to use your credit card for every connection, you may select to have your card number stored in your computer. Type a user name in English, i.e. JK or G P. Subsequently your connection information (User Name and Citibank Card number)
    will automatically be stored in your computer with a coded structure. However we recommend that you make the above selection only from your own computer.
  5. “Click” on the button Continue
  6. You will be asked to type your four-digit Personal Identification Number that you use at ATMs. This will also be your secret code number for Citibank Online and we ask you that you don’t announce this to anyone. Note that your Personal Code number (PIN) is not stored in your computer for security reasons.
  7. Select Connect. You can now use Citibank Online so that you can conduct all your bank transactions.

Future Connection

The next time you connect with Citibank Online, the connecting home page will appear on your screen. If you have stored the User Name in your company, then, during every connection, you only need to type your Personal Identification Number.


After you have completed your bank transactions through Citibank Online, click on the link Disconnect.



Account Information

Receive information regarding your account balance and recent transactions made in your account and download your account statement into your computer.
You can even see information regarding your Citibank Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club credit cards.
A prerequisite so that you can ‘see’ your accounts and cards through Citibank Online Is that you adjoin them with your Citibank Card.



Money Transfers & Payments

Μοney Transfers and Payments within your Citibank accounts

You can easily and quickly transfer money between your accounts. Moreover, you can make Citibank Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club credit card payments and free yourself from the stress of standing in queues to make your payments, once and for all.

Transfers between your accounts can be done immediately, you simply have to select the account to be debited and the account or credit card that you wish to credit and provide the amount.

In order to transfer money to a Citibank account abroad, select the account to be debited, type in the beneficiary account which is to be credited, select the country and/or the Citibank branch and type in the amount.


Bill Payments or Money Transfers to Banks in Greece (within the same day or at a future date)

A. Bill Payments
You can now easily and quickly pay your personal bills (OTE phone bill, IKA insurance, ΟΑΕΕ insurance, FPA (VAT)). First you need to add the Organisation to your Payee List, activate it, then select the account which you want to debit and the Organization (Payee) which you want to pay, followed by the amount and the reference in order to complete the payment. For more information regarding «Payee Activation», see the relevant paragraph below.

Your payments to the Organizations (ΙΚΑ, ΟΑΕΕ, ΟΤΕ) can be executed up until 15:00 and you can cancel them before the execution. Payments for VAT can be executed up until 15:00 within the deadline of the month.

B. Transfers to Banks in Greece
You can now make money transfers to another Citibank client’s account in Greece, or to accounts held in other Banks in Greece, within the same day or at a future date. Begin by adding the Payee to your Payee List (if you haven’t already done so), then activate the payee to which you want to transfer funds and finally make your selection and fill out the information needed for the transfer. For more information regarding «Payee Activation», see the relevant paragraph below.

Transfers to other Banks are executed at 11:00 and 15:00 during each working day, and you can always cancel them before the execution.

Payee List
You can easily and quickly create and manage your own Payee list. You can add or delete Payees, or you can see information just by pressing a button. In addition, all of your transactions are secured.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The creation and activation of your Payee list has become a necessity not only for the transfer of funds from your account to another Citibank client account or to another Bank in Greece, but also for setting up standing orders and/or Bill payments to new payees.

In case you add a payee from another Bank, you can also use the IBAN account.

Payee Activation
In order to activate a Payee, you should first add him to your Payee List (if you haven’t already done so), then call Citiphone Banking (801 11 12484, 210 929 0000, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and ask for the activation of the Payee by using your TPIN code (Telephone PIN).

Payees that were already added in your Payee List, before January 14th 2006, will be automatically activated.

Payee Activation applies to individual customers. For Business customers, Payees that are added to the Payee List will be available for payments and transfers after the next login to the system.

Standing Orders
Another service which allows you to easily and quickly pay your recurring bills with a fixed amount (i.e. rent, insurance, and more) in a simple and organized manner.

Begin by adding the Payee to your Payee List (if you haven’t already done so), then activate the Payee to which you want
to order the fixed payment and then select and fill out the information of the order. For more information regarding
«Payee Activation», see the above relevant paragraph.

In order to accept the standing order, the system requests that you type your personal PIN code twice.

You can cancel a standing order of your fixed payments anytime.


Change of Personal Identification Number (PIN)

By selecting Customer Service and then Change ATM PIN, you can immediately change your Personal Identification Number ( PIN ). For your own security, you must enter your new four-digit Personal Identification Number twice. From hereon you must use this code whenever making transactions through Citibank Online and ATMs.


Ordering Checkbooks

By selecting Customer Service and then Order Checkbook, you can order new checks for a current account
or checking account.
For more information regarding Citibank Online, please call CitiPhone Banking at 801.11.12484
(with local phone charges throughout Greece) or 210 92.90.900.

*A few transactions may not be possible for a small period of time.


Cost of Services Offered

Your activation with Citibank Online services is free.
Money transfers and Payments within Citibank accounts are also offered free.

  • Bill payments and Fixed Payments: €1 per payment
  • Money transfers to another Bank in Greece (the same day or at a future date or Payment Authorization): € 5



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